5 Different Light Bulbs: Which is best for indoors and outdoors?


Lights come in different forms, different names, and different uses.


Whatever type of light we use can greatly affect the atmosphere in a room. Each light is made for different purposes. We have lights solely made for indoor use. There are also those best for outdoor use. And of course, a combination for both purposes, indoor and outdoor use.


Indoor VS. Outdoor lighting

Indoor lights are what we commonly see inside our homes and in commercial spaces. These lights are highly susceptible to breakage once exposed to extremes of temperature. Outdoor lights on the other hand, are designed to withstand these uncontrollable outdoor elements. Outdoor lights are brighter and can last longer compared to indoor lights.


To understand better the differences in this variety of light options, let us discuss the available in  the market:




Best for Indoor


Incandescent is the most common light used by every household. It is cheap and can last between 700 to 1,000 hours. This light produces a warm yellow tone, that compliments well to the skin and wooden furniture. However, it is considered as not the most efficient type of bulb as it releases heat.




Best for Indoor and Outdoor


Halogen light is a variation of the incandescent bulb. However, compared to incandescent bulbs, Halogen light is better when it comes to saving energy. This bulb is much brighter and hotter than any traditional incandescent bulbs. Halogen light is often used to accentuate homes with its unique bright white light.




Best for Indoor


Compact Fluorescent Bulbs or CFLs are spiraled bulbs that consume only a quarter of energy or about 75% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. This means the CFLs don’t get as hot as incandescent bulbs when used. It also has an average life of 8000 hours, which can be great for lighting a home or commercial space. However, the downside of CFLs is its mercury content, that makes it difficult to dispose of.




Best for Indoor


Fluorescent lamps produce the same amount of light, but uses lesser energy and can last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. There is a variety of fluorescent lamps available in the market, from cool and warm tones to special colored light. Often, fluorescent lamps are used in big areas like in bus terminals or gas stations. Like CFLs, Fluorescent lamps can also be difficult to dispose of as it contains mercury filling.



Best for Indoor and Outdoor


Light Emitting Diode or commonly known as LED light, is considered to be the most cost efficient and energy saving lighting fixture. LED is designed to hit the light direct to critical areas, which means it can cover more spot than typical one directional lighting fixture.  It can also double the light that an incandescent lamp can produce with only a little heat that is being released. LED light can last over 2 years, and is highly acclaimed for its durability, as it is designed to be resistant to breakage.

Best Shop to Buy Lights


There are a lot of different varieties of lights that are offered in the market, all you need is to get that perfect one for you.


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