Lighting Retrofit and Design



We understand that you may be too busy working on your business, to find the time to make that all- important review of your current lighting infrastructure.

That is why we are precisely here for you. To make your lighting retrofit as easy and most especially, more profitable for your company.

Sonic Lighting and Electrical Systems offers you a free assessment of your lighting implementation. Our aim is to give you the most efficient, and appropriate lighting setup that improves the quality and performance of your workers, saves on electricity consumption and also helps Mother Earth with environment- friendly, non- toxic fixtures.

We can also help you design from the ground up any future plans for building your organization and its infrastructure. Our theme of engineers will be around to support you every step of the way. We offer form and function integration with an eye for creating an environment aware installation.

Call us now at +63 (2) 230-8750 for your exclusive consult or send us a note with your specifications here and we’ll gladly get back to you with a truly detailed proposal that will give you a roadmap towards further business success.


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