SONIC lights PUP: Bahay Kubo, Sari-Sari Exhibit!

Ceiling and Artwork

The 2017 graduating class of PUP Interior Design had their recently-concluded exhibit entitled ““Bahay Kubo, Sari-Sari: Interior Design Innovations Through Filipino Inspirations”.

Featured in the “Bahay Kubo, Sari-sari” Exhibit were 11 residential spaces inspired by the bahay kubo of different Filipino tribes such as Badjao, Bontoc, Ifugao, Isneg, Ivatan, Kalinga, Mandaya, Maranao, Subanen, Tausug, and T’boli. All the spaces featured Filipino designs incorporating the traditional and indigenous local dwellings. Local, recycled and repurposed materials like stone, wood, bamboo, nipa and cogon were also used by the students to show ingenuity and choice of sustainable local products. The exhibit at Ground Floor Square Building, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City run from March 21, 2017- April 23, 2017, and Sonic is very proud to have been part of it.

Lighting is an integral part of designing a space. Apart from providing illumination, lights should complement and enhance the design, the ambiance and the use of any space. All the lightings for the Bahay Kubo, Sari-Sari Exhibit were provided by Sonic. We made sure, they had the proper light for every nook in their spaces, and that the lights complimented their architecture, design and the color schemes of their residential spaces.


Ceiling and Artwork  Childrens Room

Sonic chose to be part of the “Bahay Kubo, Sari-sari” Exhibit as it believes in the goals and cause of this year’s theme. Promoting local materials, recycling products and providing comfort and safety in the spaces they designed are also in tune with the ideals that Sonic stands for. Sonic believes that introducing the more environment friendly and cost-efficient lighting solutions should also be incorporated in every design that future designers present to their future clients.

Sonic Lighting and Electrical is a professional lighting solutions provider specializing in sales of LED lights and equipment that are energy efficient and environment friendly. All SONIC Products have passed extensive quality control testing/s and have International Standard Certifications. The company is committed to carrying ONLY environment- friendly products that are free of hazardous materials.

LED Lighting System uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a source of illumination.

LEDs lights do not contain mercury or other toxins and that makes it the most ideal choice for home lighting systems.

The lights come in many forms that includes screw-in light bulbs, tubes, strips, ceiling light, down light, table lamps, spot light, panel light which can all be used for all spaces in the house.

Sonic recommended its products for the PUP Bahay Kubo, Sari-sari Exhibit to introduce the future designers to using LED lights and show them the advantages of LED Lighting over traditional lighting.  Some of the advantages of using LEDs includes the following:

*No Heat Wastage – the structure of the LED ensures that there is no heat and illumination wasted.
*Longer lifetime – LEDs a maximum of 60,000 hours use and is therefore more economical
*Durable – the bulb does not break easily, so it is also safer for use in any part of the house
*Lower temperature – LEDs do not produce too much heat keeping the rooms and spaces cooler
*LEDs also has faster switching and the materials it is made of are all recyclable

High light Art Piece
All of these benefits make LED lights the best choice for lighting spaces in the house, office and other spaces. LEDs are also being used for gardens now, as well as in street lighting, greenhouses, farms and other industrial places.

Sonic has an LED light to offer for all lighting needs. TCL LED Lighting and MG LED can provide solutions for all lighting requirements. TCL caters to the more basic lighting solutions such as those for house spaces and office spaces, while the more industrialized systems are provided by MG LED. Sonic Lighting and Electrical Systems Inc. has an answer for your every lighting need. Feel free to consult us for your lighting requirements, you can reach us via:



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