The Warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:


  1. The Warranty does not cover damages due to negligence, misuse, improper handling, installation, tampering, transfer of products to another location other than the location of delivery; and incidences of force majeure.
  2. The Warranty Period starts from Date of Delivery (DOD) or the date posted on Products upon Delivery
  3. The Warranty covers replacement of damaged goods or products, and delivery of products to location of initial delivery.
  4. The Warranty covers products/ orders that are fully paid subject to the terms of payment. Any other occurrence, such as failure to pay the full amount for the products delivered within agreed terms of payment; or damages not covered by the above terms and conditions will render this warranty void.
  5. Sonic’s TCL LED Lighting product is covered by TCL Manufacturer’s warranty.


Limitations and conditions:

  • This is a limited warranty and excludes, among other items, installation, providing access to products (scaffolding, lifts, forklifts, etc.) and special, incidental and consequential damages( such as loss of Revenue/Profits, damage to property or other miscellaneous costs not previously mentioned) and is further defined by the limitations set forth in the respective warranty policy and these terms and conditions.
  • Upon request , Sonic’s Representative shall be allowed access to the defective Product,  system or application for verification of non-compliance
  • Sonic/ TCL cannot be held liable for any Electrical Supply conditions including voltage surge, under and over voltage and ripple current control systems that are beyond the specified limits of the product and those defined by relevant supply standards
  • With respect to products sold to the purchaser by Sonic, but not bearing the brand of TCL or sub brands. TCL makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose but will make available to the Purchaser upon request, but only to the extent permitted by law and relevant contracts,   the warranties of the manufacturer of the relevant products.




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