“Serving Your Lighting Needs”

Sonic Lighting and Electrical Systems, Inc. was established in 2012 as a professional lighting solutions provider, specializing in the sale of energy- saving and environment-friendly products such as LED Modular lights, other special kinds of LED lights. We aim to introduce to the market, innovative lighting products such as bulbs, tube lights, street lights and high bay lights, and other special kinds of lights that all are guaranteed to give our customers, satisfaction and good value for their money. Sonic Lighting stands out for its strong commitment to creativity, with the constant innovation of the indoor and outdoor lighting market by offering quality product lines.

Sonic Lighting is also committed to spreading awareness on the benefits of LED Lighting, and in preserving the earth’s resources through mitigating global warming and other environment-related issues. We do this by encouraging the use of LED for small to medium enterprises, to the commercial and residential sectors and providing them with alternative lighting systems that are energy saving and cost-efficient.

To date, Sonic Lighting and Electrical Systems, Inc. is the only licensed Lighting distributor of the world-renowned TCL LED Lighting products in the Philippines.


Green Technology is now the mandate as the alternative solution; at a time where renewable energy is needed. With the growing concern for pollution, dwindling natural resources and dramatic climate change, we need to find other forms of energy sources to adapt to today’s business and technology demands. Sonic Lighting is determined to contribute to environmental preservation by convincing businesses to switch and use LED lighting technology, informing them on cost savings that best serve their return of investment; and has the smallest impact on the environment. Sonic Lighting would also like to be part of the Clean Technology that is bringing the promise of a healthier planet, as well as the possibility of growing our business that is sustainable.


We Work
We Serve
We Share
We Care
We Grow

S – is Service-Oriented
O – is Objective
N – is Nature preserver
I – is Integrity
C – is Committed


Our vision is to become ambassadors for positive change by fostering diligence in our work and giving good service; by caring for our customers and caring for the environment.

We will share our knowledge and aim to do our part in helping to save our earth and mitigating the effects of climate change by offering only products that will ensure a safer and greener environment for the future.


We aim to work diligently and provide our valued customers quality brands of LED lighting products, prompt delivery, and excellent service.

We will share our knowledge to spread awareness of the benefits and advantages of the products, and other earth-friendly innovations that will bring value to our customers, and help save our planet.

We will encourage a work atmosphere that fosters excellence, genuine care for our clients, and the environment in all aspects of our work.

We will aspire to be transparent in all our business dealings with our partners and customers.



Company Profile

TCL stands for “The Creative Life” which is the slogan of TCL, a well-known electronics brand with origins in China. TCL as a slogan is a very ample representation of the company’s aspirations to make it as one of the well-known, most trusted and innovative corporations in China that dominates the consumer electronics industry.

Founded in 1981, TCL has become one of the largest consumer electronics enterprises in China with a global presence and has three listed companies under its umbrella: TCL Corporation, TCL Multimedia, and TCL Communication.

Today, TCL did not only make it to China’s top enterprises but has penetrated the world market as well. It does not only focus on consumer electronic but has also ventured into other aspects of the lighting and bulbs industry and even into home building. Currently, TCL Corporation has set up four business units – TCL Multimedia Holdings, TCL Communication Holdings, China Star Optoelectronics Technology and TCL Home Appliances Group, as well as six business groups – System Technology Unit, TechNe Group, Emerging Business Group, Investment Group, Highly Information Industry and Real Estate Group.

As a result of TCL’s need to rise to greater heights powered by its aspiration to achieve innovation, the enterprise was able to register benchmarks in the history of Chinese consumer electronics industry such as the first ever wireless landline telephone, the first 28-inch color TV, the first diamond- inlaid mobile phone, the first Chinese-made dual-core processor laptop computer and other innovative products. It even has its own television sets and mobile phones as well as carries the world-renowned Thomson televisions and worldwide famous Alcatel mobile phones.

In 2011, TCL Corporation achieved global sales of RMB 60.834 billion, with a sales volume of 10.86 million LCD TV sets and 43.61million handsets globally. In China alone during the same year, the brand value of TCL had exceeded RMB 50.118 billion (USD 7.59billion), rising from 70th with RMB 690 million in 1995 to the No. 1 TV brand in China today. This is a proof of TCL’s transformation from being a local enterprise into a truly global company. Currently, TCL has 20 manufacturing bases, 60,000 people employed, more than 40 worldwide sales agencies/offices, 18 Retail and Distribution centers, and a centralized management of supply chains.

MG Logo

Shenzhen Mage Lighting Co., LTD is a high technology lighting company which is engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of LED Lighting products since its establishment in 2012.

Today, MG Lighting has a plant employing hundreds of workers and engineers to serve its clients. At present, MG lighting’s business is mainly concentrated in LED indoor lighting, monthly output exceeds three hundred thousand pieces.

Currently, MG Lighting is already ISO9001:2000 certified by SGS, MG Lighting also obtained SGS heavy metal authentication and up to grade lead-free and cadmium free processing requirements. Moreover, MG Lighting’s LED Lighting products are CE, RoHS and ERP Compliant.

MG Lighting aims to continuously improve quality control systems, exploring overseas and domestic marketed with high quality service.MG Lighting is currently conducting extensive research of LED bulbs and LED spotlights, aiming to offer much more competitive products.

Adhering to the business philosophy of value and sharing and on long-term cooperation with suppliers and strategic cooperation with clients, MG Lighting will strive to be the leading enterprise in the LED lighting market.