5 Smart ways to Save at Home



The most common dilemma of individuals when it comes to saving up is how to get it started. No wonder, many are just stuck to the idea but nothing really happens. But fret not, because you can actually start saving small at home!


Here are 5 simple hacks to help you begin your ipon challenge:


Create a working budget

Whether you are paid enough or barely enough just to get through the next payday, you need to budget.

Having a budget keeps you disciplined. When you only have a limited amount for a specific expense like food, you can’t just pick anything and divulge it, only to regret later on. In fact, you are not actually discouraged to buy what you like, but it’s more like keeping you from being an impulsive buyer. Sure you deserve all the good stuff after long hours of working. But just keep it within your budget.


Make a Grocery List

And stick to it.

One of the reasons why you end up paying more at the grocery store is that you tend to get items which you don’t actually need. Usually, temptation comes in when you buy unnecessary things from a buy one get one promo or at a bargain price. Of course, with a good deal, you end up hoarding the sale items without thinking you over budget. But take note — you actually save a lot when you don’t buy anything on sale at all!

Having a grocery list keeps you away from doing that. It will help you distinguish what are your needs over your wants. And also, it will help you pre-determine the items you are to buy. So once you are already in the store, you’ll know what to buy (saves you  time!). With this, you will also know whether you exceeded from your grocery budget, or you have some extra to buy your wants (or save it instead).


Cancel the Cable Subscription

Ending barely used subscriptions (like gym passes), can actually save you a lot. At home, you can probably rethink whether or not it is worth it to spend extra for your cable subscription.

But before you cancel your subscription, ask yourself:

Can I still find my favorite shows in the internet? Will I be able to live comfortably without it? If you heart says yes, then it’s time to end it now!


Reuse, Recycle & Resell

Decluttering is not only good for de-stressing, but also a wise way to save and earn money.

During the cleaning process, you’ll be surprised to rediscover old items that are still usable and salable. If you hit the jackpot — you may find vintage items or other good stuff that could worth a lot of money.


Switch to TCL LED Lighting

LED lights are designed to be cost-efficient, especially for home use. In fact, this type of lighting fixture is two time brighter than traditional bulbs. This saves you from buying more lights just to lighten up an entire big room! Aside from it’s efficiency, LED lighting is also durable and in fact, can be used outdoors! It operates at low voltage, which means, you don’t have to worry about it getting wet when left under the rain.


Billing wise, you get 90% savings, due to the ability of one LED lighting to release more light over more conventional bulbs.

There are various LED products out in the market, like TCL. TCL is a world-renowned electronics brand that offers reliable and high quality LED lighting products. All of their products are guaranteed safe and cost efficient. You can get their guaranteed authentic products at Shopee and Lazada.

Now, there’s no excuse for you not to save up. You can try these 5 hacks and home now!


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