The Various Applications of Solar Energy



Sonic Lighting and Electrical Systems is a firm advocate of environment protection and clean energy. In this regard therefore it is actively participating in the promotion of Solar technology. Here is a good overview on the subject courtesy of another power innovator Leonics:

“The increasing demand of electricity, the high price of oil and the growing concerns for our environment are some of several factors that forcing us to enhance the uses of alternative energy sources. Among a variety of renewable energy sources, solar energy is a sustainable alternative option that can be utilized in various ways and can be used for many applications.

Solar power is produced by collecting sunlight and converting into electricity, heat and lighting. This is done by using solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, and using solar thermal collectors to absorb solar energy for heating water.

Advantages of solar power

The energy and heat from the sun is free and unlimited.
Solar power is non-polluting. Solar power usage does not emit any greenhouse gases or harmful waste.
Solar power is perfect and saving for power generation in remote areas or where the cost of expansion utility grid is high.
Solar power is versatile. It can be used for low-power purpose as well as larger ones – from hand-held calculators, watches, and solar powered garden lights to water heaters, cars, buildings and satellites.
Solar power system requires very little maintenance and last for many years.

The oldest solar application is daylighting. Daylighting system collects and distributes sunlight to provide effective internal illumination inside buildings. Daylighting design implies careful selection of window types, sizes and orientation may be considered as well. There are also other architectural features such as light shelves and even active sun tracking system which combine with fiber optics or mirrors to provide light to interior of large buildings.

Then we have solar thermal technologies which can be used for water heating in homes or commercial and space heating or space cooling for buildings. Solar water heating systems use different type of collectors to gather and store the solar energy for heating water used in residential, commercial and industrial applications. For space heating and cooling in warm temperature region, the thermal mass materials is needed to keep building cool by absorbing solar energy during a day and radiate stored heat to cooler atmosphere at night. However they can be used in cold temperature areas to maintain warmth as well.

Last  but not the least is Solar Power Generation which involves directly converting solar energy sources to electricity via photovoltaic cells. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems provide electricity to home or business for lighting, TV, fan, computer, stereo, refrigerator, water pump or livestock feeders, without connection to utility grid. They are also used to power watches, calculators and sign lights.”

There are very many more advances to the use of Solar technology and Sonic may be a big part of it in the future. Stay tuned!


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